Who we are

PROFUS was founded in 1995 in Legnica and is currently one of the largest legal and accounting firms in Lower Silesia. Our clients are limited liability companies with Polish or foreign capital, private partnerships, and owners of sole proprietorships.

Our team of over 30 highly qualified employees will conduct accounting, HR and payroll activities in a reliable and timely fashion, and our tax and legal advisors help solve difficult and complex tax and legal issues. We serve more than 300 clients in three branches in Wrocław, Legnica and Jelenia Góra.



We support our clients’ development. The work of more than 30 highly qualified and experienced employees at the firm is in service to this mission. In order to provide individual, specialized services, we assign to each entrepreneur three employees: an accountant, chief accountant, and an HR/payroll specialist. All tasks are supervised by the firm’s owners — the tax advisor and the legal advisor — who specialize in more difficult and complex legal and tax problems as well as disputes with the tax authorities, contractors, and clients’ employees. Our business is covered by civil liability insurance for tax consultancy up to the amount of 500,000 PLN. All information obtained in the process of providing services is subject to indefinite confidentiality.


New technology

PROFUS Connect - by integrating clients’ sales systems with our firm’s financial and bookkeeping systems, we can accelerate accounting services, reduce the likelihood of errors, and reduce the costs of accounting services.

PROFUS Net - every client has constant access to their financial and accounting data, no matter the time of day or place. Viewing invoices and payments as well as checking financial results and tax rates is extremely convenient. All that is needed is a login, password and internet access.


Qualifications and recommendations

The owners of PROFUS are a registered tax advisor and legal advisor. All key employees have the right to keep accounting books issued by the Ministry of Finance. We belong to the National Chamber of Tax Advisors and the National Chamber of Legal Advisors.

We are constantly improving and refining our competences, knowledge, and skills by participating in many industry training sessions. Our business activities are covered by civil liability insurance for tax consultants to the amount of 500,000 PLN. All information obtained in the process of providing services is subject to indefinite confidentiality.



Complementary services

We are distinguished by the comprehensiveness of the services we provide. In addition to accounting, human resources, and payroll services, we have opened a department dealing with the sale and implementation of the latest systems for enterprise management services, Comarch OPTIMA, as well as a department for fiscal equipment specializing in the sale and installation of cash registers and fiscal printers.






HR and Payroll

Tax consultancy

Legal consultancy

Tax supervision

Software – Comarch OPTIMA

Fiscal devices